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Navigating Change With Direction, Connection & Satisfaction With Life

Life is all about change. How well we cope with change has a big impact on our health, wealth, love and personal expression. The flow of life is always moving with many twists and turns. COVID brought that home in a big way, creating a restructuring of life, as well as, our perspective of self.

When we change this impacts our most consistent relationships-with family, friends, and colleagues. These relationships deserve the most attention, as they play a big part in our quality of life. Developing a balanced awareness of self and others allows us to create sustainable and healthy relationships in the midst of chaos. The Ultimate Life Tool® (ULT) is a patented and comprehensive assessment, that helps us keep a pulse on who we are and the direction we are going. The information highlights our most important connections and plays a huge role in our satisfaction with life.

The foundation of Your Amazing Light™ program is based on your results from the ULT assessment. Your Amazing Light™ program illuminates a new and healthy perspective on life. You will be thrilled to find this program is more than a temporary change or a quick fix. It is an integration of the heart and mind which provides direction, connection and a fulfilling way of life.

Imagine how much lighter you’ll feel when you…

Know Thyself

…from a broader and more comprehensive perspective, so you can make better decisions and live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

Improved Relationships
Improved Relationships with your mate, children, friends, co-workers
and community.
Say “Yes”
or “No”
Say “Yes” or “No” guilt free and without
lengthy explanations.
Support Your Children

Support your children’s unique natures so they feel seen, loved and understood.

Your Purpose

Your purpose becomes immediately clear and you’ll embrace your valuable place in this world.

Where To Begin

30-Minute Consultation

First, you will receive a link to take the Ultimate Life Tool®. Next, we will review your results and how your physical nature supports your performance in business, home and life.

60-90 Minute Personal Portal

This Zoom meeting provides history and visuals about your ULT® results. I provide a deep dive of your five dimensions of self. You will receive a
7-9 page beautifully written report.

The Amazing
Light Program™

A seven-session in-depth program. Beth will customize 5 specific topics with an integration session at the end, to cultivate self-awareness and empower you to create your own masterpiece as you light up the next chapter of life.


Take the assessment now to bring Your Amazing Life to Light

about beth

Beth Golden, PhD is a global speaker and teacher

Beth blends an education in Metaphysics and Divinity with life experience to help her clients build their most important relationship, the one they have with themselves. Dr. Golden is an expert in presenting different points of view for working through change and illuminates alternative possibilities for the path ahead. You will come to honor and understand yourself, your feelings and your energetic responses to life’s circumstances.

I was skeptical at first about the results Dr. Beth could provide me. However, after a short and easy test Dr. Beth was able to pin point who I was and how I react to certain situations. Valuable information that I didn’t know I needed – but now I am so happy that I have it! I’d recommend her services to any woman who wants to know herself better. It makes a world of difference!

Lisa P

Wow and Wow! That was phenomenal.  I so appreciate that.  You are fabulous at what you do.   Thanks for bringing such an amazing program to the planet.
Your gift is extraordinary.

LeighAnn Moore, Longmont, CO

My experience with Dr. Beth was truly eye-opening. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but came away with realizing how to react to different people in my personal and work life. She was precise, knowledgeable and very thorough. I would highly recommend her to anyone that wants to understand themselves and the people around them better.

S McLeod

My experience with Dr. Beth was truly an experience I won’t forget. Not only did this experience lead me to discover some truths about myself but it also helped me to see my co-workers in a different way. This experience was helpful and eye-opening! Thanks Dr. Beth.

Randi Ortega, Oceanside, CA

Dr. Beth’s work pinpointed details about my personality, strengths and challenges in ways that were new, fresh and revealing! It’s very helpful to understand how I can best work with others and cooperate to complement their strengths and help compensate for their blind spots. I highly recommend that life partners, work partners, families — everyone avail themselves of Dr. Beth’s expertise.   

Kate Solisti, Internationally known Animal Communicator, author and educator

Beth, thank you so much for helping my daughter and me with the Ultimate Life Tool Assessment. It helped us understand each other and give us clarity on why and how we do the things we do. We appreciate your insight, intuition, and assistance!

Sarina Baptista, Psychic Medium, Author, Speaker, Spiritual Teacher
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