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Beth golden

Global Speaker and Teacher

Beth Golden, PhD is a global speaker and teacher who blends an education in Metaphysics and Divinity with life experience to help her clients build their most important relationship, the one they have with themselves. Dr. Golden is an expert in presenting different points of view for working through change and illuminates alternative possibilities for the path ahead. You will come to honor and understand yourself, your feelings and your energetic responses to life’s circumstances.

Dr. Beth has supported her clients for over 15 years, drawing upon her varied experiences of massive change, stress, overload and personal growth. Over the course of ten years Dr. Golden has experienced the loss of her husband to a motorcycle accident, single parenting teenage sons, dating, moving six times in seven years while flipping homes, care giving a loved one and during the COVID years, the loss of many loved ones. There were days when she woke up and wondered…How the heck did I get here and now what do I do? She needed HELP but had a hard time finding the right fit.

Dr. Beth chose her personal journey of healing and growth with the intention of being the “right fit” for those experiencing rapid change and upheaval. She has invested in herself so she can invest in YOU and walk with you through the darkness and into the light. Through her profound care for the human condition, Dr. Beth has put together her BEST tools to create a succinct path forward for those experiencing extreme change.

Most importantly working with Dr. Beth is fun! You’ll be seen…perhaps the first time and encouraged to develop YOUR gifts and talents. We are all transformed through change. You’ll go from chaos to clarity and share Your Amazing Light with the world.